Q - Would you please email me about upcoming auditions? Please add me to your email list.
A - There is no email list at the present, and Amerifilm can't email everyone individually. As stated above, auditions go through talent representatives. If there ever is an open audition it will be posted on our web site and in all appropriate publications.

Q - What credentials are you looking for?
A - For principal work we look at your resume for training and past experience, whether it be theater or film work. For background work we look at your picture and resume for what types you can play and hope you have lots of enthusiasm to endure a long day on the set!

Q - Do you accept voice over tapes or videotapes?
A - Yes, although do not expect them to be returned unless you enclose the appropriately stamped envelope.

Q - I am looking for waivers to get my SAG card, can you help me?
A - If you are cast as a principal performer in a union job, you will become SAG eligible. You generally need three waivers for performing as an "extra" three times in a union job to become SAG eligible. Sometimes getting waivers and upgrades just happen on the set, they are not premeditated (so therefore it doesn't hurt to do background work - you never know what will happen on the set!). Other times these are set up in advance, but there are usually special reasons for giving waivers, and paperwork has to be submitted to the union. Just being a friend, or a relative, or hoping for a favor from a casting director or another cast or crewmember won't make it happen. Waivers and upgrades are not handed out without a good reason for the guild or else a monetary fine could be levied against the production.

Q - If you hire me for background work would you still consider me for principal work?
A - Yes, if you are right for something we are casting.
Casting FAQ

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