Q - How can I register with your agency?
A - The best way is to mail your head shot or comp card to our office to register for background work and/or to be considered for auditions. Occasionally we have open calls to register for background work in person and those notices will be posted here or in Backstage newspaper.

Q - Can I just email my picture?
A - You could, but we often need the hard copy at a moments notice - to bring to a meeting, or to mail off to a producer who may be coming to town for a show who wants to pick people ahead of arrival. We flip through photos and send them around constantly. This part of the business has yet to go completely digital, and since most actors still snail mail them in we can't abandon that mode.

Q - I'm looking for representation, will you manage me?
A - Amerifilm is not a talent agency, we do casting and we call agents when we are in auditions so the representatives can send us the appropriate talent for each role. You should send your pictures to talent agencies listed in the Ross Reports if you want to try to get an agent.

Casting FAQ

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