Casting for:
Bad Lieutenant, Bullying, Collage of Life, Hell's Kitchen, Hide And Seek, Inuition, Jersey Guy, King of New York, Kinsey, La Leggenda di Al, John, Jack, Narrowcast, The Plague, Spare Me, Three Below Zero, Understanding Self-Injury
Television Series:
Sex and The City, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Labyrinth of Museum, ED, Citikids
TV Commericals/Infomercials:
2(x)ist, America's Best Eyeglasses, BASE Communications, Empire Blue Cross, Identigene, Johnny Walker, Morgan Stanley, MTV, Todd Oldham, Pepsi, Precious Moments, World Gym
Music Videos:
Gloria Gaynor, Latoya Jackson, Marvin Gaye Tribute, Nation of Abel, Rolling Stones, Suzanne Vega, Webb Wilder, Whitney Houston
New Media:
Mado Productions, Test-U
AOL, Bausch and Lomb, GE Financial Services, Mercedes Benz, Namanda Launch, Prudential


Amex Open, Flichman Wine, Pfizer, Pruina Cat Show, Rolling Stone Magazine, Sharp, US Magazine
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