Q - I live in another state far away from New York. Will you consider me for auditions or background work?
A - When Amerifilm is casting for speaking roles we usually work through agents, so again, having representation is more important than where you live, although auditions often come up with only a day's notice. But if you have an agent they can arrange for you to send in a videotaped audition from the script if you can't make it to New York. As for background work, we do usually call people who live within an hour or two of the shooting location, since often the actor must report to set at 6AM, or they might not finish until the middle of the night. We also do not have any information for the work until one day or night in advance, so how possible is it for you to just pick up and fly to New York? And is it worth that much money to travel here just for a day of "extra" work?

Q - I am a child/teenager and my dream is to act - how do I get started?
A - If you live near a city where there is a theater or production scene, you could try to get involved through a local talent agent or by dropping pictures at the various companies. If you live far from the scene it is harder for kids since travelling for auditions interferes with school and parent's work. You should at least take acting classes and participate in school plays - even doing back stage work is good experience. Modeling, music, singing - any classes you can take while in school will be helpful, as well as film/video production, photography and psychology to get an understanding of the whole picture.

Casting FAQ

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